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Records review is extremely critical in understanding a “site’s” past and developing a successful characterization and remediation approach for it.  ASTHA’s primary goal for every project involving historical records review is to determine whether a Recognized Environmental Condition (REC) exists at the site.


ASTHA has developed a proven scope of work which addresses both the prevailing ASTM Standard Practices (USEPA-CERCLA “All Appropriate Inquiry” or AAI Rule) and additional project-specific data requirements (e.g., high-pressure gas, petroleum and water pipelines, proximity to railroads, high-voltage transmission lines, etc.).  Additionally, ASTHA routinely evaluates if indoor VOC vapor intrusion conditions (VIC) exist at the target site.  Records available from environmental database search, property ownership records, search on public environmental database are routinely included in compiling a comprehensive summary of the site history.


For additional information and price quote, please contact our office with your project scope.