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Astha Environmental has extensive experience coordinating and managing multiple projects for a variety of clients. The key elements we use to manage our projects are experienced project managers, project scheduling software (Microsoft Project), and sharing of staff resources between our offices within the geographic region.  Astha Environmental has an excellent track record for cost control, quality of work, and compliance with performance schedules utilizing these resources and tools.


Management of projects begins with development of a thorough understanding of our client’s needs and priorities in order to define accurate statements of work.  Accuracy and a complete understanding of the client’s project objectives lead to development of comprehensive budgets and schedules.  Key personnel will scope the project correctly from the beginning, with the client’s input, to eliminate costly logistical problems.  Project scheduling software is used
for planning, to define work breakdown structures, develop schedules, and assign resources to projects.  Once we establish a scope of work and budget for a project, the project or task manager is responsible for executing the project accordingly.  The project/task manager closely monitors the status of percent complete versus the budget expenditure for each activity. This information is updated with labor and outside cost data daily.  Once the available data have been reviewed and validated, an appropriate project approach and scope can be formulated. Data review and data quality evaluations are often integrated with our corporate QA/QC program that utilizes experienced senior staff members to oversee and review project activities. Our QA/QC incorporates a variety of policy and guidance documents that have been developed in general accordance with applicable technical standards, government regulations and guidelines.


Astha Environmental’s approach to data reviews involves integrating staff resources from multiple scientific and engineering disciplines into a team of professionals who will coordinate with the Commission and the corresponding regulatory agency to ensure that the data quality requirements are appropriate for the intended use and project objectives.


Astha Environmental also has experienced construction/demolition personnel that have the experience to manage the removal, transportation, and disposal of contaminated debris, soil, and water to permitted waste disposal, treatment, or recycling facilities.  Our experience with all aspects of environmental remediation construction management has given us a thorough understanding of the issues surrounding implementation of project plans. These issues include: coordinating and managing subcontractors; ensuring that safety procedures are followed; coordinating activities with the responsible agencies; and providing strong leadership to address possible public awareness issues. This knowledge is an integral part of our proven approach to remediation projects that allows us to efficiently implement and attain remediation objectives for a given site.