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ASTHA offers wide-array of sampling of various environmental media including: soil, soil vapor, indoor air, and groundwater.  All ASTHA field staff are 40-hour HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) trained and profoundly experienced in collecting environmental samples.


ASTHA field personnel are familiar with various procedures and guidance documents related to collection of the environmental samples.  We at ASTHA understand the value and requirement for collection of environmental samples of highest integrity and importance of these samples towards data quality for critical decision making purposes.


ASTHA field staff are experienced not only in collecting samples using traditional sampling methods, but also using various advanced and emerging sampling approaches, such as: low-flow groundwater sampling, use of passive diffusion samplers for soil vapor and groundwater, to name a few.  We routinely use vacuum chambers, flow-through cells, water quality multimeters, down-hole dissolved oxygen probes, photo-ionization detectors (PIDs), and flame-ionization detectors (FIDs).  We are familiar with their operation and the calibration protocols to ensure accurate and representative data collection.


Safety is our top most priority during field sampling.  We have our own Health and Safety Plan, which we diligently follow during sampling tasks, in addition to the client’s project-specific Health and Safety Plan.  If you are developing a sampling scope, and have any questions regarding job-safety analysis, or personal protective equipment, please give us a call.  We will be happy to help.